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HIS Gift

The "HiS Gift" Program is created as our way of saying " Appreciation, Thank You and Support " to those organizations who are trying to do a great job to help the people & society. We understand that not all non-profit organizations are well funded enough to market themselves online. For those who are trying to help change the world, save lives, educate those less fortunate, spread the Gospel of God, We are honored to lend a helping hand.

We will develop & provide a free 3 page website to those non-profit organizations. For your 3 page website we will work with you to design and develop a completely custom website that helps highlight your organization and mission

For more information on our "HiS Gift" Program and to see if your organization qualifies, Please contact the HitITsoft Sales Department at 0462-2533613 or Email to info@hititsoft.com

If you have other software development related requirements, Please contact Us.

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